[Video] Why “Unbreakable Church”? What Makes It Unique?

Let me introduce you to our Executive Producer, Brian Kelley, a crucial piece in our adventure to produce Unbreakable Church:

We’re truly blessed to have someone with such ample experience and background in filmmaking, directing, producing, scriptwriting, etc. on our team. Back in mid-2022, when we were introduced to Brian Kelley and I was able to get on a Zoom call with him. At this point, we were simply reaching out to him in order to get some advise and direction in our new adventure; the project was still without an official name.

Brian, after hearing me explain our dream to create a film project that would bring Church History to life, exclaimed: “What’s the point of making something so powerful and unique if people aren’t able to see it? I can help you get it seen.” He then directly offered to become our Executive Producer, free of charge for us, to which we readily agreed (of course!). We’ve been blessed day by day with his insight, great contacts, and understanding of the film world. We owe a lot to the Lord for bringing him into our team!