EASTER Watchlist: Top 5 Christian Films, (+1 Extra!)

He is RISEN! Happy Easter. The cross of Jesus changed the world forever. He is the centerpiece of civilization and His resurrection is the well-spring of all true hope.

Why Not Watch a Christian Film This Weekend?

For much lower budgets than the average Hollywood movie, Christian filmmakers have been able to create some remarkable films on all sorts of topics. As a kid, I watched Chariots of Fire (PG, 1981) so many times that I had it memorized and I would even run with my head titled back “just like Eric Liddell”. Eventually though, the VHS tape finally gave out and broke altogether. 

At Unbreakable Church, we know genuine Christians have the upper hand – better storytelling, unshakable truth, and Jesus Christ’s transformative power. 

Top 5 Easter Weekend Watchlist:

1. The Passion of the Christ (R, 2004) – A (polarizing) “modern-day classic”.  

2. Redeeming Love (PG-13, 2022) – Francine Rivers brings the Gospel to life.

3. Ben-Hur (G, 1959) – From prince, to slave, to son of God. Classic!

4. Risen (PG-13, 2016) – Relive the greatest moment in human history. 

5. The Case for Christ (PG, 2017) – A journey from intellect to true faith.

Don’t Forget Independent Films!

Our Executive Producer, Brian Kelley, has been in the world of Christian filmmaking since the 80s, when it still wasn’t very “cool”. He saw the potential to tell the story of Christ and the Gospel, working tirelessly ever since. Over the last decade, he has been involved with making 7 film projects and is currently working on 6 more, including Unbreakable Church: Season One.

One of his most successful latest projects is called Let Me Have My Son (NR, 2023), which currently has a stunning 7.4 rating on IMDB. Based on true events, it’s a retelling of the “Prodigal Son” story in real life. The powerful story of a father’s love for a broken son who is battling schizophrenia and who may be lost forever.

Brian was the Executive Producer of this film, which has already won 7 awards. We’re so glad to have him as our Executive Producer as well! 

Watch the full movie here: Let Me Have My Son