Introducing AI Artwork – The Future of Storytelling?

What is AI and how can it help Unbreakable Church?

I can’t tell you how many countless hours I’ve spent trying to find attractive and accurate images to use in making a PowerPoint for a sermon. The images are either outdated, low quality, or flat-out unbiblical! I know I’m not alone in experiencing these problems. 

Now, when trying to teach Church History, a whole new ordeal arises. The images available are of old artwork, often created centuries ago by the Catholic or Orthodox community. Despite many of these pieces being very beautiful and artfully painted, they lack greatly in telling the true accounts of history. For example, Jesus is often portrayed with pinkish, white skin, akin more to a Norwegian than to a Galilean! 

The next big issue has to do with the storytelling itself, as these artworks more-often-than-not portray things that are historically inaccurate. Like dressing up Polycarp as an Orthodox Bishop or Augustine of Hippo in the garb of a Catholic Priest. It then becomes a brazen attempt to manipulate and rewrite history, and in doing so, it destroys true history

AI Generated Images* is a way to change this narrative! The following are but a couple of our many attempts to make fresh, accurate, and powerful new images.

*These images belong to us and are therefore copyright free, one of the many other perks of using AI Generated Images

A young Algerian sits on his balcony overlooking ancient Rome. His name? Augustine of Hippo. If you know his story, this image will speak to you
An older man, an immigrant to England from Germany, sits with some children from his orphanage. His name? George Muller

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” – Napoleon B.

We are so blessed that this technology has appeared for such a time as ours. We feel like it will be a fascinating and powerful tool to “show” Church History in ways that haven’t before existed. Now we may even try and walk in their shoes, see what they saw, and experience the perils they endured. 

This image is currently on the front page of our website. Does it “speak” to you?

The latest news for Unbreakable Church:

Our first “mini promo” video was released earlier this month, and it exceeded our expectations as to the amount of views it got – well over 5,000 views – and the positive reviews we got from a variety of persons. If you didn’t see it yet, watch it here or find us on Facebook or Instagram. Our next one will be out early next month.

We’ve also seen more funds come in towards the project over the past few weeks. We now sit at 44% raised, meaning we are less than $13,000 away from our Oct. 1st goal. Wow! Praise God!

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