The Adventure Continues

“The Church may go through her dark ages, but Christ is with her in the midnight.”

Charles Spurgeon

In July we released our long-expected promotional video for a docu-series on Church History called “Unbreakable Church”. Many of you responded with kind words of encouragement and support for this exciting new project. In case you missed it, here’s the promo video:

As you may already know, we have prayerfully decided to wait until we can count on 50% of the cost to produce this film before scheduling our travel to the Middle East and Europe to film Season One. With the total amount needed being just under $100k (see full financial breakdown here), in the first month we’ve received donations of $3,310. This puts us at about 6% of the halfway mark. Praise the Lord!

This amount allowed us to cover the costs of making the promotional video, logo, website design, and other basic start-up costs. Thus, we currently have just over $200 still available as we move forward.

If you feel called to partner financially with us in this project, please continue to our website to see how to best do so. Now, if you are thinking of donating a larger amount, you may consider sending us a note with this desire, but not sending the amount until 2023. At the earliest we would begin filming in 2023, so having too large amount that can’t be properly written-off for tax purposes wouldn’t be wise.

What’s Next? And How Can You Pray For “Unbreakable Church”?

1. On Monday, September 5th, we plan to interview Dr. Mark Stevenson, a professor of Bible & Theology at Emmaus Bible College. He will be one of our main interviews for the docu-series, and the only one we plan on interviewing on “this side of the pond”. We plan on hiring a film crew in the area for this, so please pray we find the right crew as the date soon approaches.

2. In early October, Genesis and I will be using part of our trip to Cyprus and Turkey to scout out the area and get some footage that could be later used in the project. Depending on funding, we may also be able to interview another of our key persons, Jerry Mattix.

3. Brian Kelley, our Executive Producer based in Germany, is continuing to seek out the right cinematographer for the project. This person would be in charge of travelling with us to film and do all the pre- and post- film editing work. We’re planning to use film crews in the countries we visit to complete the crews as needed.

Using the drone during the Promo Shoot for Unbreakable Church
Action shot of Christopher Mattix during the Promo Shoot

Thank you and God bless,

Christopher Mattix, Producer/Director of Unbreakable Church

Soli Deo gloria.