Investing in the Eternal

Not only are we in a cultural war, we are in a spiritual war

It is estimated that young people today spend an average of 9 hours per day in front of a screen. Most of the content they watch is entertainment at best, and dangerous at worst. The ideas and concepts pushed by massive, secular companies such as Disney or Universal Studios, are not family-friendly or even minimally educational. 

Media, be it movies, books, video games, social media, etc., has a powerful effect on the user, of all ages. Here’s an example: When Hulu released a certain series for youth (which we best not name), suicides increased by nearly 30% in its viewers. Heartbreaking! 

Genesis and I at the ICVM Conference

How do we change the tide and make a difference?

Genesis and I were so blessed to attend the ICVM Filmmakers Conference in Orlando, FL this year. We were able to meet those behind some of the most important Christian projects of our day, including The ChosenLifemarkOvercomer, just to name a few. Yet there were also countless others with smaller projects who have also impacted many lives. The difference they are making is tangible and there is a growing hunger for faith-based content. 

Most we visited with seemed to be there for the right reasons, to create beautifully stunning, yet God honoring films and documentaries

We quickly found out that getting funding for Unbreakable Church: Season One was going to be incredibly unlikely – a much like no one publishes a book that has yet to be written. That said, the conversations we had with different distribution companies and filmmakers couldn’t have gone any better, and they may yet help with funding. Please pray!

What we found most exciting, was that time and again, those we spoke with marveled that nothing like Unbreakable Church had been made before. Their vision for it’s reach was actually even greater than ours, in most cases.

Several companies made it clear that, if we were to complete this project, they would be eager to partner with us and distribute the project. All in all, it was incredibly exciting for us and we continue to follow-up with many about possible funding and distribution. We’re so thankful for how the Lord has opened doors and given us grace

Giving has never been easier, with this Christian fundraising website

How can you help?

  1. Donate to the project via GiveSendGo- visit our website for alternate ways to give
  2. Give us a Like on Facebook and a Follow on Instagram – a simple click can make a huge difference!
  3. Pray, pray pray with us, that funding would come in and that the Lord would open the right doors to help us create something beautiful, valuable, and honoring to our LORD

Our current budget breakdown:

  • Total Cost: $78,250
  • Total Spent: $7,003
  • Total Received: $8,120
  • Total Surplus/Deficit: +$1,117

UPDATE: In December of 2022 alone we received over $3,400 in funding from a variety of persons, churches, and ministries. Praise the LORD!

Thank you and God bless, 
Christopher R. Mattix