Trip Itinerary for Season One – October 2024

Here’s the Latest: 1. We’ve purchased all of our flights to film Season One. Follow this link to view our itinerary or read on for the highlights.  2. We’ve contacted all of our key interviewees overseas – Beth Peltola, Jerry Mattix, Marc Madrigal, and Corrado Primavera (new!) – with each setting aside a day to meet with us.  3. We’ve signed an official contract with our Head Cinematographer – Cole Phail – […]

The Power of Showing, Not Telling

“Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.” – Ernest Hemingway I remember being in 9th grade, sitting in my desk in a Christian boarding school in Bolivia. That year I had a very special teacher, one that would open the creative side of my mind. “Show me, don’t tell me,” she would repeat, seemingly ad-nauseum, […]