Trip Itinerary for Season One – October 2024

Here’s the Latest: 1. We’ve purchased all of our flights to film Season One. Follow this link to view our itinerary or read on for the highlights.  2. We’ve contacted all of our key interviewees overseas – Beth Peltola, Jerry Mattix, Marc Madrigal, and Corrado Primavera (new!) – with each setting aside a day to meet with us.  3. We’ve signed an official contract with our Head Cinematographer – Cole Phail – […]

EASTER Watchlist: Top 5 Christian Films, (+1 Extra!)

He is RISEN! Happy Easter. The cross of Jesus changed the world forever. He is the centerpiece of civilization and His resurrection is the well-spring of all true hope. Why Not Watch a Christian Film This Weekend? For much lower budgets than the average Hollywood movie, Christian filmmakers have been able to create some remarkable […]

VIDEO: Corrie ten Boom – Fleas and Nazis

Here’s our fourth mini-promo, which gives a brief glimpse into the life of one of the bravest persons to survive World War II – Corrie ten Boom. Please note that subtitles are available in both English and Spanish, but you must click on the “cc” button to activate it. Feel free to share this video as widely and […]

VIDEO: Jesus is a Person, Not an Idea

We’re so proud to be able to present you with our first of five mini-promo videos. The idea behind them is to help you understand what our documentary will look, sound, and feel like. We also want to talk about some of the key issues we will be tackling in the docu-series and future videos will even give a sneak-peak […]